Apple Watch Series 8 – Everything You Should Know

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The wristwatch industry has been there for more than 200 years. Yet it was only during the last 2 decades that we saw a revolutionary change happening in the industry with the introduction of smartwatches. Apple Inc debuted in wrist watch industry just 7 years ago. Yet they have dominated the field ever since they stepped in. With the announcement of the release of the latest Apple Watch Series 8, let’s see what Apple brings to the table this time around.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 

Having produced a bunch of bestseller watches already, Apple is no guest to the industry. Nor are they joking around when it comes to what these watches have to offer to the users. Introducing a whole bunch of new features and upgrades from their earlier series 7 watch, Apple Watch Series 8 offers a lot to make you fall in love with it immediately. 

The smooth and seamless design that comes in several colors helps you to stay stylish. All the while providing many features that are incredibly imperative for your fitness and health. With a wider display that pans to the edges, there is plenty of room for you to use the display. The tougher-than-tough Apple Watch Series 8 also addresses durability issues in average smartwatches. So, you can be as carefree as you want while you are using the watch. 

Let’s dig into the details now.  


Apple Watch Series 8 comes in 2 sizes. Both 41mm and 45mm sizes are available for you to choose from. Made with either Aluminum or stainless steel, they come in a variety of colors to fit your stylish needs. For those of you who want better safety for your watch, the stainless steel case is the best. It comes in Silver, Graphite, and Gold colors. Aluminum cases come in a variety of colors such as Starlight, Midnight, silver, etc. The customizable watch faces allow you to rock with your style to the maximum. Apple Watch Series 8 also fits with almost every band available on the market. Allowing you to display your unique style with your favorite combination of case, watch face, and band.


Battery life is also another important aspect of any smartwatch. With average use Apple Watch Series 8 last up to 18 hours. Average use is considered to be 90-time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, 60 mins workout, and 18 hours of music playback through watch via Bluetooth. If you use your watch lesser than that you are bound to last more than 18 hours. With the newly introduced low power mode, now it can even last for a whopping 30 hours. Moreover, it supports wireless charging as well.


Optimized with Watch OS 9.0 operating system, Apple Watch Series 8 has a built-in 32 GB space and 1GB RAM. It also has many built-in sensors to provide you with the best workout experience. Apple Watch Series 8 comes fully loaded with an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, barometer, compass, and much more sensors. So, whether you are walking, running, cycling, rowing, climbing stairs, hiking, or even swimming, Apple Watch Series 8 can track all your fitness data in real time. The distance you walked, the number of steps you took, the number of calories you burnt n much more will be detailed on your watch face.

Keep Track Of Your Health

Apple Watch Series 8 is not only your best workout companion but also your health monitor. With all the sensors integrated into the watch, you can easily keep track of your health. You can check your heartbeat, blood oxygen level, body temperature, and much more. It’s not just a dumb watch that tells you your heart rate when you choose the option. Apple Watch Series 8 continuously keeps track of you and inform you with a notification whenever a sensor is about to go off the charts.


Apple Watch Series 8 is not only a watch but it’s also the closest that gets to a smartphone that’s wearable on your wrist. When connected to your iPhone you can browse through the millions of apps available on the AppStore, play all the music you love without bothering to pull your phone from your pocket, check a map in time before making a wrong turn and even put your money on your wrist with wallet app. Even your favorite personal assistant Siri has found her way into your watch.

Sleep Tracker

Apple Watch Series 8 not only track your sleeping time, but it can also create a personalized bedtime routine and a schedule for you. Apple Watch Series 8 helps with your mental health as well. The Reflect feature brings mindfulness into your life by making you focus on a short, thought-provoking theme. The breath feature helps you focus properly and calm yourself down. It even provides you with audio meditation exercises as well.

Durability-wise, Apple Watch Series 8 display is crack resistant. It is also dust resistant and has received IP6X certification for dust resistance. Just like Series 7, Series 8 is also waterproof up to 50m underwater. Therefore your Apple watch will stay by your side even while you take a quick swim.  

Apple Watch Series 8 has a control center for ease of your control. You can fully control wifi settings, cellular data, flashlight, water lock, focus, and much more with the control center. It will make sure that you feel your Apple Watch is not just a watch. 

Exclusively on Apple Watch Series 8   

Even though the appearance-wise Apple Watch Series 8 is almost identical to the series 7, Apple made sure to make the Series 8 unique in its ways. 

  • The Sleep app not only tracks your time asleep. It also shows the time you spent in REM, Core, or Deep sleep, along with any potential waking times. 
  • With the newly added temperature sensor, your body temperature can be determined with 0.1 °C accuracy. Apple Watch Series 8 will keep a record of your body temperature every 5 seconds. With this newly added temperature sensor accuracy of cycle tracking data is greatly improved.  
  • Thanks to its new 3-axis gyroscope and G-force accelerometer, Apple Watch Series 8 can determine whether you have crashed or fallen. Also, by using the data from your Iphone’s barometer, GPS, and microphone, Apple Watch Series 8 can determine the severity of the crash and immediately contact emergency numbers if the crash is a severe one. 
  • The newly introduced low-power mode can extend the battery life of your Apple Watch Series 8 up to 36 hours. 
  • Apple Watch Series 8 also lets you have a glimpse of your blood oxygen level. Reading will be both on-demand and background readings both day and night. 
  • A medication app available also helps you with keeping track of your medications, vitamins, and supplements.

With all these incredible features Apple Inc gives you the best smartwatch experience you can get with the Appl Watch Series 8. Hence Series 8 is bound to bring new standards to the smartwatch sector once it’s released. Apple Watch Series 8 provides the user with the best value for their money ensuring preserving the highest quality and security standards that Apple Inc always presents its users with.

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